After my consultation I felt completely relaxed

My first experience with You1st HR was the best. I didn’t know how to handle a situation that occurred at work, whereby I was being backed into a corner by my own HR department.

I contacted You1st HR initially to seek advice of which they were able to support me with my decision to leave the company after my sick leave. There was another incident at my work whereby I contact You1st HR as I felt I was being victimised and bullied by my own team member. You1st HR was brilliant as they really listened to every scenario I gave them to which they concluded that I was experiencing bullying at the work place. After my consultation I felt completely relaxed and confident to be able to deal with this situation head on. You1st HR helped me write my grievance letter and reviewed emails before I sent them to my own HR department. This support and guidance was perfect as I received my desired outcome by being taken seriously and the matter was dealt with swiftly.

If it wasn’t for You1st HR I believe I wouldn’t have got the outcome achieved, therefore I would recommend this company in an instant.