About Us

You1st HR is born out of our sheer passion for people and seeing them fully supported in the organisation, so they are enabled to grow both personally and professionally.

We are CIPD accredited and combined, have over 27 years experience in HR. We aim to offer advice, guidance and support to employees, Start-up companies and SMEs on a variety of HR disciplines.

We have a particular passion however, for helping employees at all levels of the organisation, who for whatever reason, feel unsupported by their own organisation/HR; those who cannot interpret the law and the organisation’s policies and procedures to find their voice and defend themselves or are not equipped to handle employee relation challenges in a fair, sensitive and lawful way.

Our aim is therefore:

  1. to provide a bespoke HR advisory service to employees who do not understand employment law, employment best practices and the policies and procedures within their organisation and how to use these tools to their advantage;
  2. to support employees with their statutory rights when going through issues at work, such as, grievances, redundancies, TUPE transfers and their absences;
  3. to offer CV writing and interviewing technique services to people looking to get into work, employees who want to return to work after a long break or those struggling to secure a new job because they lack interviewing skills;
  4. to manage and support the HR function for start-up companies and SMEs so they can focus on service delivery and executing the company’s vision.

If you would like to know more about how we can help support you and your business, please get in touch.